Fabian Hardegger


My name is Fabian Hardegger and I am a web designer. A few years ago I founded my own company “Hardegger Webdesign” and got the opportunity to work on exciting projects.

Besides web design I invested a lot of time in search engine optimization. A website must not only look good, but also be found.

To offer my clients an additional value, we had our own online app “your-review.ch” developed. We are convinced that this online review management platform has incredible potential and will bring you further forward.

Gregor Madörin


Since my business studies, I have been interested in tools that enable companies to simplify and optimize their processes. With my background in marketing, I know how important it is to think and act in a customer-oriented way. That’s why I’m so incredibly excited to introduce you to our “your-review.ch” app and show you how you can use it to position yourself optimally online.

Together with my business partner, Fabian Hardegger, we offer you a tailor-made solution to reduce the complexity of the world of customer review management. So that you can devote yourself to other topics in your everyday business.

Gregor Madörin

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